Crime, Fraud & Food Hygiene

If you have a criminal case it is important that you receive legal advice quickly as it may impact on your family, employment and freedom. Please contact us as soon as you become aware of a police investigation as the early instruction of a solicitor can assist in resolving the matter quickly and discreetly. 

We seek to avoid an arrest and the consequences that may follow from it such as onerous bail conditions, restrictions on your travel and the retention by the police of your biometric data on the police national computer.

The police interview is usually the most important aspect of a criminal case.  Getting prompt advice at this stage is essential. Our police station advisers will provide the necessary support and guide you through this process.

If your case goes to Court we will work in conjunction with barristers and expert witnesses to obtain the best result for you. Your case will be considered in detail and all necessary legal and evidential points explored. Where conviction cannot be avoided we will mitigate on your behalf to maximise the chances of a lenient sentence.

Between us our criminal team has over 100 years experience.